serial_janitor (serial_janitor) wrote,

The Rare Update

Grand Rapids is cold.
I have no job.
I have some money.
I'm concerned about a few people making some bad choices.
Then again, fuck it.
Unearth is on Feb. 6th. Metal
Lamb of God in March, hopefully Machine Head and Triviums busses break down.
Cassie and Bill have 3 snakes. One is metal, the other 2 are pussies.
I got some Mr. Hankey slippers for $9. Awesome.
Kasi comes up tomorrow. Love.
I haven't changed my LJ icon in about 2 years.
The Agony Scene is working on thier new cd.
Still Remains are too.
In Flames got shafted in Revolvers "Best of 2006 CD Review". Their cd was better than My Chems, and Underoaths.
Underoath is good though.
I'm a pussy for saying that.
I miss Kasi.
Shes byoootifuhl.
I think I am gonna come back to Three Oaks/New Buffalo/Sawyer/Rolling Priaire next month. Once I have money.
I miss my family a bit, and I miss Chad.
Chad shaved his beard. Puss.
I started talking to Lisa again, which seems crazy, but being a jackass is crazier.
Not to say that I'm not still a jackass, I'm just not to her anymore.
I still kick ass.
I still takes names.
Scene kids are still gay.
Me and Bill got free Mastadon stickers and a "Blood Mountain Survival Guide"
They play here on Feb. 7th.
I think thier support is Converge, which is cool I suppose.
ALright, Later
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